Best Things to Come Out of the Coronavirus Quarantine

It's good to keep up your daily rituals even while working from home

This guy was given a big roll of toilet paper as a gag gift. Who's laughing now?

Canadians can wash their hands, and their money

1918 family portrait during the Spanish flu

Quarantine birthdays just aren't the same

This dog isn’t used to its owner being home during the day and is just staring at him from different places around the house

The Getty Museum is challenging quarantined people to recreate paintings with household items

The tea aisle at a London store. Different countries prioritize different things

School isn't over for these kids

Working from home with kids

Outsourcing the homeschooling to the dog

Their daughter said “He’s got the RONA!!!” And started making him a coffin

Strict rules for entry

Supermarkets are turning into gang turfs

Proper protective equipment for a trip to walmart

The worst tasting cereal has been decided

There are no rules for lunches in quarantine

Where's Waldo? Coronavirus edition

A party where no one is invited

It's a good thing that the virus can’t move sideways.