Top 10 Ways For a More Productive Life

How do you see yourself five to ten years from now? Life is short as what they used to say so you better make the most out of it. Sometimes, however, things are not going according to our plans. Instead of blaming others for your failures, maybe you should start evaluating yourself. Are you good enough? Are you productive enough? What are the things you have done to improve your life? Success and happiness is something you cannot achieve overnight. Today, we are listing down top 10 effective ways to do to get a more productive life.

1. Make Your days more Organized by Making a To-do List

Always plan everything ahead and nothing can be more ideal than starting your day with your very own to-do list. List all the things you need to do within a day or within the entire week. If you have a project to do, set yourself a time frame and try your best to finish it as early as possible. Having a To-Do list can give you some sort of motivation and will encourage you to work hard and finish everything on time.

2. Stop Wasting your Time Doing Unnecessary Activities

If you find yourself spending too much time on your phone, looking at your social media accounts the whole day or devoting yourself in some addictive mobile games and neglecting all your daily duties or even those simple house chores, then you should definitely seek a healthy and more productive lifestyle. Limit yourself and find other activities that are way more useful and productive. Involve yourself in sports to keep your health in good shape.

3. Give Yourself a Break!

We’re not superheroes and when it comes to job or tasks that are physically demanding, we always end up stressing ourselves too much. Sometimes, all it takes is a short break. A long vacation would be ideal but if not possible, try to offer enough time to free yourself from demanding works that can drain you our physically, mentally and emotionally. Spend an hour listening to your favorite music while enjoying your favorite cup of tea. Embrace a relaxing environment so you can get enough energy when you resume your work.

4. Give Yourself a Treat

Everyone deserves a treat especially if they did something good! If you’ve been spending your time working and absorbing all the stress due to heavy work loads, don’t you think you deserves a reward for it? You do not have to wait for others to offer it for you because you can definitely do it for yourself. Reward yourself by dining in to your favorite restaurant or buying things you love. You can go on shopping once in a while. This is a great way to motivate yourself and encourage yourself to do better.

5. Set Priorities and Finish Tasks ASAP

If there are so many things you need to do, you should not stress yourself too much, otherwise, you’ll end up not accomplishing nothing at all. As you list down all your tasks, select the tasks that requires immediate attention. Rank them and see which task should be done first and which one to follow. Encourage yourself and try your best to finish them as early as possible. Nothing can be more rewarding than smoothly accomplish all your required tasks for the day. You can spend those hours you save by doing things you love the most.

6. Celebrate Your Success!

If you have completed a big and tough task, then you should feel very proud! Celebrate your success by sharing your achievement to others in the most humble way possible. Tell your significant other, share it with your close friends, tell your parents about your achievements. It is not a matter of bragging but a matter of motivating yourself and a way of telling that you have done a great job and keep it up!

7. Share Your Goals With Someone

In sports, the reason why there are cheerleaders is because they act as a form of encouragement. It’s a great way to uplift the team’s spirit to perform well and win. Same thing goes when setting your own goal in life. It is very ideal to share your goals to others and let them know the path you are heading. Their moral support can help you a lot in many levels. It gives you the spirit to keep going and it motivates you to work harder and do better.

8. Set Goals and Make it a Habit

Making a to-do-list on a daily basis is more like setting short term goals. It’s always ideal to set everything and plan things ahead. Set long term goals and try making it as a habit. Some might find it time consuming but later they will realized how effective it is to make life more productive. Once you turned it into a habit, you can manage everything with no ease.

9. Always Have A Plan B

Most of the time, things are not going the way we want. In such case, you should prepare yourself for all the unexpected circumstances and be ready for another plan – the plan B. If plan A didn't work out, then you should have an alternative plan. Like what they often say, find ways and not an excuse. If things fall apart, learn to fix yourself up and face the challenge with confidence. If Plan B fails, go and have Plan C. You just have to keep on trying and motivating yourself to continue until you succeed!

10. Be Realistic

You can set infinite goals and plan things but you should also be aware of your capabilities and your limitations. You can set goals but you should be more realistic as well. Setting goals that are beyond your skills and abilities will only put too much pressure and you might just end up with nothing but devastating failure. Be honest with yourself and don’t push yourself too much.